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A Message From Our Leadership

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Over the past five years, the TSTC Foundation has undergone an incredible transformation, marking a period of extraordinary growth. This period has demonstrated our profound commitment to supporting students through life-changing scholarships, enhancing technical programs, and strengthening workforce development. Scholarships have provided opportunities, alleviated financial hardships, and ensured access to necessary tools and equipment for students to thrive. With investments in emerging technical programs and state-of-the-art lab technology, we have empowered students to excel in a rapidly evolving job market. Over the five-year period, the Foundation has achieved impressive feats, including increased donor retention rates and significant gifts totaling $41.9 million. The TSTC Foundation’s unwavering dedication to adapting to the dynamic demands of the Texas workforce, powered by the generous contributions of our donors, has been a driving force behind this transformative journey.

The Foundation has achieved significant milestones this year, including serving over 1,500 students by awarding $1.7M in scholarships. TSTC has established a statewide reputation for innovation, responsiveness, and producing highly skilled graduates. Industry support has been resounding, but they still need more from us every semester. TSTC will continue to respond to industry. This year with the help and overwhelming support of the Texas Legislature, we have newly granted authorization for campus locations in Denton County and Comal/Guadalupe Counties. Additionally, with program renovations and expansions breaking ground on seven campus locations, and the ever-expanding workforce training opportunities, TSTC is well-positioned to have another remarkable year. The ongoing support of our donors remains invaluable for The TSTC Foundation to assist in maintaining this new season of growth. With you alongside us, TSTC can achieve even greater heights and serve exponentially more students.

As we continue to evolve and expand our impact, it remains poised to make an even more significant difference in the years to come. We are constantly looking for innovative ways to expand our reach, serve a broad array of businesses and industries, and create an environment in the classroom where every Texan can find their path to greatness. Our aspiration is to be the driving force behind the development of a skilled workforce and fueling the Texas economy. With the generosity of our donors, TSTC can continue to dream up innovative and cutting-edge initiatives to serve even more Texans and businesses. Together, we are impacting generations, strengthening our workforce, and building a brighter future for our students and the state of Texas.

Always at your service,

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Cledia Hernandez
Vice Chancellor and Chief External Relations Officer

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TSTC Points of Excellence

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Your philanthropy fuels TSTC's continued success

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Q&A with Chancellor Mike Reeser

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Describe TSTC’s brand value in Texas in 2023. 

TSTC is different from other colleges and we’re proud of that fact. We focus all our efforts toward the workforce needs of Texas business and industry. Accordingly, every one of our pathways ends with a “practitioner’s credential” that is, by its nature, highly valued in the workplace. We aren’t able to do this, however, by ourselves, but hand-in-hand with our industrial partners. It’s the best of both worlds.

What is TSTC’s greatest accomplishment for the 2022-2023 year? 

TSTC’s greatest accomplishment for 2022-2023 is the remarkable work during the legislative session. The legislature has shown a growing regard for the value that TSTC provides the state’s economy. One tangible example of this is the two new campuses for TSTC approved for Denton County and Comal/Guadalupe counties. Another example is the full-formula funding appropriated to TSTC that included meaningful annual increases.

What exciting projects are on the horizon for the college? 

Currently, TSTC is managing many exciting projects. A few notable items include breaking ground on seven new buildings across the state, expanding workforce training opportunities such as Commercial Driver License, and the many ongoing projects that will place more Texans in great paying jobs. Our impact is big in Texas and getting bigger every year.

How can our donors be a part of the growth that’s on the way? 

A credential from TSTC is a kind of “Golden Ticket” for students who seek a lifetime in a well-paying occupation. So, when donors give to the TSTC Foundation, they are helping a TSTC student navigate the on-ramp to prosperity. Lives are changed. Entire families, too.

What is your dream for the future of The TSTC Foundation?

TSTC is the best in technical training in Texas. However, many students struggle to attend and to realize their dreams because they can not afford our modest tuition. My dream is that the TSTC Foundation continues to grow so that no willing and able student is ever turned away because of inability to pay.

Mike Reeser, Chancellor and Chief Executive Officer 

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