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The demand for skilled labor in all industries continues to challenge employers needing a robust workforce. The TSTC Foundation’s mission to serve our students remains profound. Removing tuition, equipment and living expense barriers to provide students with viable paths for success is priority.

The need for basic necessities became critical and 2023, The TSTC Foundation awarded $383,284.11 in Helping Hands emergency aid scholarships to 707  students. Because of you, we were able to answer that need during dire financial circumstances. 

More than 1,500 students received tuition scholarships thanks to your generosity this past year. Touching all edges of TSTC’s program offerings, the financial assistance you provide gives us the opportunity to offer meaningful help to our students. We can’t thank you enough.

2062 Total Scholarships Awarded
1533 Total Recipients
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Madison Ponce, TSTC in Waco, Welding Technology
Provost’s Scholarship Recipient

My inspiration to achieve greatness has been driven by my past. As a woman, it has constantly been a challenge to learn and have interest in jobs that are only for men. We’ve all heard the stereotype and stigma behind “women in the kitchen and men outside doing the work”, and all my life I’ve been told this. It has only fueled my goal of wanting to pursue a career in welding even more.

As an independent young adult and student that has little familial support, I must take full responsibility for my college finances, therefore: I know that I must keep a positive mindset while applying for as many scholarships and grants as possible. Learning the hard way, I will not tolerate any excuses keeping me from my post- secondary aspirations. My immediate career goal is completing an associate degree in welding from TSTC.

I want to apply myself to work my way up the ranks in refineries. Eventually, I’d like to have my own fabrication shop with expanding locations.

I chose this program and career path because I remember walking into my first welding class as a woman in a man’s field. Little did they know that I was here to learn. Once I heard the striking of the rod, it was a pure melody to my ears. The grinders and wire brushes were soothing to use. Turning on torches, using strikers, and bending the metal with hammers was almost second nature to me. I used the challenge as a woman in a man’s lab for motivation.

I will be the first to graduate from college. Having people around me who champion my goals has been instrumental. My support system includes my high school welding teacher, Mark Vitter, who gave me a chance in the welding shop. But, my family means the most: my mother is a single mother of four and my rock. Also, I am now following in my grandfather’s footsteps. He made everything on his ranch by hand from fences to barbecue pits.

I would like to express my gratitude for being chosen to receive this scholarship. I am set to enter my second year at TSTC. Thank you for helping make it possible for me to pursue my dream of becoming a great welder. Your contribution to my education will allow me to focus on my studies. I am truly grateful for your support. Your generosity has made an impression on me. I want to support other women in my field when I have the opportunity.

In 2023, your generosity facilitated 707 Helping Hands scholarships totaling $383,284.11 in emergency aid. 

The TSTC Foundation is profoundly thankful to all of our donors who give to Helping Hands, the emergency aid scholarship available to students facing significant financial hardships. 

More than 70% of all TSTC students are eligible for financial aid. Coming to TSTC for career training often comes with making family sacrifices. Without this avenue of help, the choice of remaining in school to finish a program or working to put food on the table is a true dilemma.

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